Paul Reber, a renowned professor of psychology at Northwestern University, suggests that there is virtually no limit to the amount of information one can remember. He goes ahead and says that our brains can store three hundred years’ worth of TV. Ironically, some of us can’t remember names we heard ten minutes ago, and we will casually blame it on ‘Bad memory’. Human memory is complex, and factors such as ageing and stress can affect our ability to retrieve memories. However, forgetting names or calling people wrong names is rude and uncouth.
People are emotional beings; they want to feel you care before anything else. Remembering people’s names shows that you care enough; it elevates their spirits. But how do you ensure you remember all these names? Given how much we seem to forget on a daily basis and the fact that we cannot match Ron White. Ron is a two-time national memory champion. As luck would have it, some of you knew there was a national memory champion, but you were not sure if their name is Ron White or ‘Don White’. Ron agrees that remembering people’s names is essential as it makes people feel important. For those who are chronically forgetful, you can easily improve your ability to remember names.
The first step to ensuring you remember names, is appreciating the fact that you are forgetful. Embrace your weakness and make remembering names a priority. The second step is noting your strengths. You might not be good when it comes to names, but good when it comes to faces. These two steps are crucial as you make the conscious effort to remember. Noting other factors that hinder your ability to recall names is important. For you to win people, it’s important to know that their name is the sweetest thing they want to hear from you.
Staying focused is important if you want to remember names. Ensure that you give full attention to places and people you meet. Maintain eye contact and smile with your eyes. People will feel attracted to you if you give them attention and show you are genuinely focused on what they are saying. Being distracted can be the reason why you are bad at remembering names. Staying focused on what the person is saying and vividly concentrating on their physical characteristics, will help you create an impression of them. Consequently, help you register and retain their name.
Once you hear a name ensure you use it immediately. Repeat the name in your mind. Writing it down if possible and attach some of the things people said; this will help your brain connect the dots later as it’ll be easier to associate what people said with their name. Writing names down is also important as it creates extra repetitions that will help you retain them. In business networking, writing down names is important. No investor will invest in your company if you can’t remember their name. In the business world, it’s vital to show you are passionate and care enough. The best way to show this is ensuring you remember names.
To ensure you register and retain a name, ensure you comment on it if possible. Ask people to repeat or spell their names if you didn’t get them correctly or can’t spell it. Ensure you use their name especially when you are addressing them in a conversation. However, you should not overdo it. If you are in a corporate situation, ask for a business card, if they don’t have one ask them to put their name on your phone, this will help your mind place their face on their name. After conversations with someone make sure you use their name just to ensure you registered their name.
The above are skills to ensure you remember names. How do you ensure people remember your name? The impression we make when we meet new people will determine if they will remember our name or not. For you to ensure people remember your name, it’s crucial to be outstanding in a conversation. Handle common questions brilliantly. Ensure you use the correct body language and tell a story about your name if people are interested. Use your name now and then in a conversation to help people register and retain your name. If you are interested in meeting the person again, following up will ensure they remember you.
‘Bad memory’ should not be a reason why you should not recall names. To get ahead in business or socially, it’s important to make a favorable first impression, and there is no better way than remembering names. Committing to remember names will get what you want. It’s essential to remember people want to see that you care enough. Lastly, the More you know about your memory, the better you will understand it and improve it.